I found myself, again, lost in Peru high on a mountain because the Incas love to carry stones up high to the top and build their temples to the sun, moon, the fortress, the hospital, their homes were adobe which is strange— wouldn’t you want to fortify your home more but I assume during this time one spend long hours building stone edifices and praying to the various gods and goddesses. An hour, 90 minute journey turned into five hours and I found myself at the grounds of various temples. (Later I learned most people get driven to the ruins not hike up to it!!!)
Before I left for Peru  I picked the Hermit Tarot card as my card for this trip... so it is and majority of the time I am alone on this hike in this archeological site.
I met a guide named MichaelAngelo I did not need his services but we started chatting, I was dressed in my native character and he was saying how I am definitely Mexican and have deep Native American blood in me— he is Inca and so on and so on... anyway he showed me a sacred stone... then asked if I meditated? I said yes, every morning, he said he felt my spirit and he asked would I like us to do a ritual together? Would I like to meditate looking at the Temple of the Condor(Hawk) across the way on the other mountain and he would play his flute?
OK SAVVY NYC JEAN was like say NO he will take you to some cliff, rape you and steal all your stuff! (He then gets a phone call, so I am like he’s planning my doom.)
However, THE NATIVE JEAN is like let's be open minded. When I first started this climb to reach the archeological site someone was playing the most beautiful flute music that was echoing through the valleys so I was connecting the signs.
I followed him down, up narrow paths to a cliff against a temple wall... we set up:
I had my beautiful shawl, blanket and ask to record just in case. He said no problem. He is petit, hair is a bit greasy, he is dressed in sweatpants and Nike sneakers, a soccer shirt and has a baseball cap on everything is clean so I continue. Oh he is missing a tooth but his teeth are white and when he smiled there was a genuine sweetness. I lay the blanket out (my mind is going from here you lay the blanket for your rape to oh wow! you are getting a blessing from an Incan spirit guide!)  I set up my camera and take my shoes off.
Along the way he picked two Yellow Kantu flowers (sacred Inca flowers) which is funny because we are high up and uncanny two perfect blooms— he sets up a little makeshift alter: his flute, a marble cup, the two blooms, a bottle of light green water, four round metal balls they are meteorite and two hematite ovals. I sit cross legged he places one ball in each of my hands and then places one in my crotch and one way under my bum— a red flag should I stop it? Of course not!
I close my eyes and think about letting go, he starts blessing me in a circle with the water, it smells good.
First thoughts:
The End
Let go
I can hear his footsteps, just his, going around me in front of me
His music begins— light breathy flute at first
The sun
The breeze
The rape scene
My demise
The music becoming more beautiful more clear
The Sun
The wind!
Then the vision all these figures, like a party of spirits, ancestors... his? Mine? The temples?
Then I  enter the bliss, the void. The music stops and I see him far away sitting on a rock. And I tell him I see your ancestors and I ask him to sit with me. He says "No", you must lay down and sleep. Bond with the earth and sky. I set the four round meteorites to the four corners of my blanket and use my backpack as a pillow and lay down. I actually fall asleep with one more dark thought this is the Peruvian rape but no, he continued to play his flute and and he started chanting.  I let go, the sun was shining on my feet and the sacred Andean earth underneath me and rest, sleep. The music stopped and I had to really pull myself out of the void and there he was in a Peruvian ceremonial hat not a baseball cap, which was on the ground and he goes they are here, not one, three. I open my eyes and look and hear three hawks squawk, dance and soar around us.
Time and space returned when he switched back into his baseball cap. I thanked him and we started cleaning up and he showed me the marble cup we used in the ceremony. His mother finds the marble stone and he carves it, he had three different ones, I bought one. I know high tourist season is coming to an end.
I ask him the direction to Pisac the village square where I started 5 hours ago. He said always live with intention and they will guide me, you are now bonded with the earth and sky.
NATIVE JEAN: close my eyes and follow this path... and that arrow and then I met a mother and 4 yr old son they guided me down... back to civilization, water, food...

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